Keeping Your Goals in Sight

One of the most enjoyable parts of our job here at TAC, is to see the creativity that flourishes from our Angels. Recently, I had contacted 3 ladies to participate in an upcoming Take 3 feature. Little did I know that two of the ladies were good friends.  Imagine my surprise (and theirs) when they both had an opportunity to create a Take 3 the same month!  I received emails back from both of them thanking me for the opportunity and letting me know of their connection. In one it mentioned that they were "Goal Buddies."

Now, I know that having someone to be accountable to as we strive to achieve new goals, is nothing new.  But, for some reason, in the way that she wrote about it, having a "Goal Buddy" inspired me!  We really do need each other to stay encouraged and to keep our goals and dreams in front of us, when the circumstances of life threaten to blow them all away.

So, with their permission, I would like to share part of their e-mails.  It is my hope that you are encouraged to hold on to your dreams and to enjoy the journey along the way.  Sometimes traveling with a friend is just as much fun as reaching your destination!

"Leah and I are great friends.  When I went to my first team meeting I knew within minutes that we would be. We live in the same town and have a similar perspective on life. We also make great goal buddies. It’s been fun to work together and to challenge each other to produce our best work, and set and accomplish our goals (and give permission to forgive yourself when the hard goal just didn’t happen this particular time around). We’re both working toward Manager right now (even though I’m still 1 recruit away from team leader) and we’re hoping that we make it around the same time so we can both go the Manager’s luncheon together."                                                  – Meri McLaughlin

"Meri and I are first and foremost friends, so I think most of our goals come out of conversations we have that inspire us to create a new goal together. Most of the goals we make are long term and TAC event related. For example, one of our first goals was to make Manager. We were at Seminar 05, and we decided that we wanted to be Manager so that we could attend the (Club MED) luncheon. Seminar 06 came and went, but we still had our goal in mind. We had done three Expos to get our sales and recruits up, but still hadn’t made it. When Seminar 07 was approaching and we still weren’t Managers (just 3 recruits to go for me!), we decided to volunteer for the luncheon so that we would be more inspired to be there next year! Meri even got us press hats and autograph books to play the part. We have 2 Expos this coming month, so maybe we will do it!

We make progress on our goals by sharing what we are doing. She tried Constant Contact for her newsletters and had success, so she forwarded it to our team. She inspired me to try it, and the second month I got a new recruit! I started a new blog and told her about it, and then she created one with me over the phone. Making Manager, one step at a time.

So, the goals we make are definitely long term. That gives us time to live our lives to the fullest, with our family, friends and careers, but at the same time we know that those goals are there and that we are always working toward them. That way, we can celebrate every thing that contributes to the success of those goals. How do we celebrate? Phone calls, emails, Starbucks! Compliments, respect, chocolate!"                                                                                                      -Leah O’Donnell

My thanks to both Leah and Meri for sharing their story.  You will see their Take 3 pages featured in September under Creative Corner on our website.

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