Life’s Road Signs

I came upon a "Duck Crossing" last week.  Yes, a "Duck Crossing." If the mere surprise weren’t enough to put a smile on my face, then the silhouettes of a mama duck with her ducklings following close behind, surely did! This was on a real, Department of Transportation yellow sign on a road that I took to my daughter’s Cross Country meet.  There was not a duck in sight, but I still loved seeing it.

I guess it is not unlike another sign I saw years ago. I encountered it when I moved from Los Angeles, California to Clyde, Kansas. It said, "Dangerous Intersection." It not only made me smile, it made me laugh. Better yet, I returned to the site and took a picture! That picture in my scrapbook still makes me smile. I never did figure out what was dangerous about that intersection.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for road signs. I really do need to know when to yield, when to slow for children and when to stop. But I’m just as thankful for the "Duck Crossing" sign. I am thankful for those times in life when a little unexpected joy pops up along the side of this sometimes, way too serious road that I travel. It is the unexpected signs and pictures that dot the roads of our lives that add joy to the journey.

On this very serious day of remembrance in our country, I debated about whether to write about something as seemingly trivial as a Duck Crossing. I can not imagine the road that the victims’ families have had to travel these last six years. But I’m guessing that it is the smallest of things that have brought them moments of reprieve in the midst of their grief on the road to healing.

I have often maintained that we would be so much more patient, understanding, and forgiving  with one another, if we really knew what the other has gone through in their lifetime. What an amazing opportunity you have as "Angels" to deliver joy and encouragement to those you come in contact with. Whether it be through one of your handmade cards, stamped business tools, the willingness to share your great ideas with others, or giving of your time, you can make a difference in people’s lives. On this road that we travel, how exciting and refreshing it would be to see an "Angel Crossing!"  That would definitely add joy to any journey!

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