The Power of Vision

An e-mail from a friend has me thinking about vision. Not the kind of vision we have by seeing with our eyes… the kind of vision we have by listening to our heart. The dictionary defines that kind of vision as "the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be." It usually transcends circumstances and helps shape our future. In an ordinary day, we may call it our imagination, a concept, a dream, an idea, an insight, or a mental picture. Those who don’t understand may say that we are daydreamers, or are prone to fantasies, head trips or pipe dreams.

My friend’s father recently had a stroke. Recovery has been slow and just this week they moved him to a hospital not far from my home. A couple days ago, she wrote me, telling me that after being there for about 4 hours, he was already walking with a walker by himself. She said that was a miracle, as he had not been able to do almost anything with his leg. Then she told me what her dad had told her. "Those girls down there have more vision for me." He was excited and all of his family was thrilled as well!

Vision… it can help a man to walk again. It can bring people together, breathe life into mundane circumstances and cause us to have hope. Tracy Turnblad and Simon Birch are two of my favorite fictional characters who had vision to see what other people didn’t see, and pursued that vision no matter who told them not to. Vision guides The Angel Company daily in the decisions that we make, the words that we choose and the products we produce. What "will, or may come to be in your life?" Do you have vision to see beyond today and hope for great things for yourself, your family, or your business? If not, having people around you that can help speak those things into your life is a great start. It got my friend’s dad up and walking!

Believing with you for great things!


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