Finding the Christmas Spirit

There is a line in a song that I heard recently that says, "You have a spirit that money can’t buy." I know that is true of all of us, but it also got me thinking. I thought about the "Christmas Spirit" that we so often refer to at this time of year. It is a bit elusive but definitely embodies generosity of spirit, simple joy and gracious love. It’s one of those things that we recognize when we see it. Beyond that, it’s hard to explain.

I think I saw it a couple of months ago when a co-worker drove through a fast-food restaurant and unintentionally upset the person in the other drive-thru lane. Thinking my friend had gone out of turn, she began yelling at her, "gesturing" to make it clear that she was more than a little upset. When my friend got to the window to pay, she double checked that she had not cut in front of the other woman. The worker explained that she had not… that she was next and not to worry. My friend’s response was to pay for the meal of the person behind her in line who had just thrown so much anger her way!

I think I heard it in my daughters’ voices as they were explaining why they wanted to buy presents for more people than they "have to." I think I saw it in Warren’s house when I visited on Sunday. They had just put their Christmas tree up and were quite pleased. Warren put his hands on his stomach and (in a very low voice) said, "Ho, ho, ho!" and laughed.  Simple, childlike joy.

I know I saw it in a child excitedly dropping coins into a Salvation Army bucket and I heard it in the voices of co-workers as they brainstorm what to do for a group of people we have "adopted" for Christmas. I know I heard it in my sister’s voice as she told me to hold off making a special holiday candy that we always make at Christmas so that we could do it together when she and my other sister are here. It is, after all, "so much more fun together!"

The Christmas Spirit… where have you seen it lately? In many ways, it has little to do with the gifts under the tree or the myriad of decorations and lights. It helps put things in perspective as we measure it against our list of things to do. No matter what I intend to "do" for Christmas, I want to be sure to be generous in spirit, taking joy in the simple things and extending love as much as possible. It is those things that money definitely can not buy and that make our lives truly rich!

Savoring the Season with You…


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