Life is Like a Circus…

I tried to listen seriously and sympathetically as my almost 16-year-old daughter unfolded the story of a friend of her’s. I am familiar with the boy.  When he and his brothers were little, they lived in Salina. They have lived in Parsons, Kansas for years now, but my daughter has stayed in touch with the boys since they have seen each other the last few summers at church camp.

She was eager to tell me about his new venture. He had called her on his way to Florida. She assumed a Winter Break vacation or something of the sort. No, this "vacation" was a lot more permanent.  He is working for the circus!  She went on to tell me about one ring, two ring and three ring circuses.  Ah, a life of adventure and excitement! Why isn’t this option presented in their career choices class?

"And did you know that a concessions manager for a three ring circus can make $90,000 a year!!! How much does dad make?"

Okay, so I couldn’t listen too seriously any longer and asked her if she had ever heard the phrase, "running away with the circus?" As we continued talking she told me he was constantly at odds with his parents and was always blamed for things his younger brother did, etc., etc.  She went back to the issue of pay.

"All he has to do is set up, tear down, and work the concession stand and he makes about $300 a week!"

She is so ready to set out on adventures. She has a fun personality that definitely embraces life, but that innocent enthusiasm in her voice just gets me. She has no idea of the pitfalls of a traveling circus or a myriad of other aspects of life that hold real danger.  But enough of that.  After I got done listening, laughing (to myself) and overanalyzing, I stopped to be thankful for the communication and time we had together last night, regardless of the topic! I also thought of some of the parallels that these ordinary lives of ours have to a circus. I know life isn’t as much fun as she’d like it to be right now, but I was able to point out a few things that made her smile.  I’m sure you can probably think of more but for now, these are mine…

Life is like a circus… sweet treats make the whole day more fun!

Life is like a circus… we all know our share of clowns.

Life is like a circus… there is a whole lot of juggling going on!

Life is like a circus… it may look easy but there is a lot of hard work behind the scenes.

Life is like a circus… to walk the tightrope, we must conquer our fears.

And finally, life is like a circus…. it is delightful and amazing when seen through the eyes of a child.

I think most of our lives are more like a 3 ring circus than a 1 ring circus… so much going on all the time.  When it seems to be too much, we just need to remember to laugh at the clowns and keep in mind that our life experience could look great on a resume for that $90,000 a year!

Have a Great Weekend!


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