Research and Development

I was recently thinking of all the research and development that has been going on here at The Angel Company.  I thought about the process that is involved and all that it takes to really develop an idea. The development from idea to finished product takes time and talent and lots of flexibility.  And the truth is, sometimes you just have to see a finished product to know if it’s what you had in mind!

Then, I got to thinking, that we’re all really in "research and development."  For some people, that is truly their job title.  For most of us, however, I think we can honestly claim the same if we are students of life. I stayed home for years when my children were young.  I never found an answer that I was completely happy with when someone asked me what I did. I wasn’t a housewife – I certainly didn’t want to be married to my house.  Homemaker was close.  I was happy to invest my time and talent to create a home that my family loved. That title, however, dismissed me in the minds of many.  I heard some women call themselves "domestic engineers."  That didn’t quite fit for me, either. If you’re a teacher, a nurse, a doctor, an accountant, an artist, a social worker, a hairdresser, a counselor, or a number of other identifiable professions, then people automatically think they know what you do when you tell them.

We don’t have specific titles at The Angel Company.  We consider ourselves to be a part of a team that works together to accomplish a common goal.  No one is any more valuable than anyone else and titles can sometimes communicate that.  As a result, I can sound rather vague when someone asks me what I do. The truth is, we are busy developing a stronger sense of who we are and what we are supposed to do. So, from now on, I could honestly say that I am in research and development… not only in my job but in my personal life as well.  It sums it all up, doesn’t it?

We are continually researching and monitoring our relationships and routines. We spend every day developing the abilities that we’ve been given, friendships that we’ve made and dreams we’ve been dreaming. Along the way, we realize that things may not look the same as we thought they would, so we evaluate, tweak and make changes as we go.  We may not often get to see a finished product but we definitely gain clues along the way to let us know if we’re moving in the right direction.  It is continual change, which isn’t always easy.

So the next time that change makes you nervous, or this life doesn’t seem to be bringing all that you expected from it, just think of yourself as being in the middle of "research and development."  It sounds as important as it is and may encourage you along your way to keep pursuing your best life possible.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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