Looking Up

I have noticed something in recent weeks.  It is certainly no revelation, but I had never really stopped to think about it.  It is difficult to be inspired in the midst of a flurry of activity. These busy lives we lead do not naturally lend themselves to looking for or finding inspiration.

I remember years ago when I was Principal of a small Christian school. I would stand outside and greet the children as they were dropped off in the morning.  On one particular morning there was a gorgeous rainbow spanning across the sky.  The only problem… you had to look up to see it.  We tend to not look up much when we’re busy. If you’re a parent or a teacher, you know how busy school mornings are. It is an accomplishment to get everybody where they’re supposed to be with what they’re supposed to have… on time!  On that particular morning, I would greet the children, share some hugs and point up into the sky so they could see that spectacular rainbow. Everyone enjoyed it – some were even inspired by it. It was just a matter of taking a minute out of our day to look up.

My life’s pace has been fast and furious these days.  At work, we have been working diligently to finalize new catalogue and our annual Seminar plans. Plans to make The Angel Company’s presence known at some scrapbooking conventions this Fall have added to the work load. At home, I have been going through my mom’s home. We found an immediate buyer and the closing was May 28.  Needless to say, clearing out years of belongings and memories is a big job. Doing it in a short time is all the more challenging. I tried hard to not be overwhelmed by the "not enough hours in the day" mentality. Unfortunately, the deadline I had for the house, coincided with much to be done at work, which is why there was no new blog last week.  I apologize for not at least posting a note to let you know why there was no update.  The truth is, I hardly took a moment to look up.

When I look back on the last couple weeks, however, I would have to say that what has inspired me most were people. Friends of mine and friends of my mom’s who have come alongside to encourage and help me. A Hospice nurse who I now know as "friend," whose calm presence and sweet smile comfort my heart. My older sister, who flew to Kansas to help finalize everything, bringing with her gifts to unwrap, along with the most valuable gift of her big smiles and warm hugs. Friends who gave hours of their time to sort through and clean my mom’s home with me. And finally, one "stranger" who inspired me the most when I took the time to look up and watch him.

At the Regional track meet that I attended of my daughter’s, I was captivated by a young man who was the "manager" for another track team. I overheard some parents from that town talking about him, which directed my attention to him out in the middle of the field. A special ed student, with a little extra weight and a lot of extra dedication, took it upon himself to be the team cheerleader. From the football field, he would run from one side of the track to the other cheering on his teammates as they ran by. He did it throughout the whole meet and evidently, through every other scheduled track meet this season. He had calculated how many miles he had run by doing that, and from what the other parents said, was very proud of his own accomplishment, as well as his team’s. He inspired me as much as (if not more than) the gold medal winning athletes. I’m willing to guess he received a Varsity "Letter" for so many miles and so much spirit!

So, what about you?  Have you taken the time to look up? Have you found someone that inspires you to be the best, do the best job or look at life through a little brighter lens? I know we’re busy people, but I encourage you to pause and look up.  Who knows? You might find your own cheerleader and maybe even a rainbow!

Looking Up With You,


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