Moving One Step Closer to Your Dream

Our theme for Seminar this year is "Just Dream."  In a few short days, we will gather in Wichita for inspiration, information and lots of creative fun!  Because of all our plans and preparations, I have borrowed something for today’s blog that someone else has written. Also, because of Seminar, I will be out of the office next Friday, June 20, so there will be no post for next week.  I’m sure this story can carry you through until I can post again on June 27.

I first saw this man on "Good Morning America" at least a year ago. Then, I found part of his story in writing.  I have read it a few times over the last few months and am amazed each time.  I am also inspired each time.  Inspired to keep dreaming, no matter what the resources look like, inspired to think bigger, inspired to keep moving toward the dream. We just never really know how things may turn out.  I hope you are also encouraged to keep dreaming!

"Globe-trotter Kyle MacDonald has herded sheep in the Australian outback and modeled soccer gear in Thailand. He’s traveled to 40 different countries and stayed a while in a few of them. But what the native Canadian always wanted more than anything else was a home to call his own.

Unfortunately, MacDonald’s life experiences never yielded much for him in terms of capital. But like most twentysomethings filled with hopes and dreams, MacDonald decided to capitalize on his experiences and ideas.

He devised a home ownership strategy based on a children’s bartering game known as "Bigger and Better." Players usually go door to door in their neighborhoods or communities with a single possession, trying to find someone willing to trade a better item or service for it. The game stops when the player is satisfied.

MacDonald took one possession he didn’t mind parting with – a red paper clip- and set out to make his dreams come true. He posted a blurb about what he was doing on the Internet and soon began receiving offers for trades. Within a few months, he’d exchanged his paper clip for a novelty pen. And that put him one step closer to his goal. MacDonald kept an online journal of his progress. He received national and international exposure, which increased the number of people reaching out to him with offers.

A trip was traded for a truck that, in turn, was bartered for a recording contract. The trades were getting bigger, better, and more interesting. Then MacDonald traded a rendezvous with a rock star for a motorized snow globe, complete with flashing lights and moving parts. Critics believed he was trading down. But MacDonald had a good feeling about the globe. His hunch paid off. A well-known actor coveted that snow globe and was willing to give MacDonald a paid role in a film for it. MacDonald made the trade.

Then the townspeople of Kipling contacted MacDonald. They wanted that movie contract! (They planned to hold a competition for the part.) And for the trade, they offered MacDonald the deed to a two-story farmhouse in their Saskatchewan town.

MacDonald’s story is, of course, a unique and haphazard way of making one’s dreams come true. But it reminds us that following through on an idea is worthwhile, that value is relative – and that knowing what you want, and being resourceful enough to get it, is priceless."  (Adapted from the One Red Paperclip blog)

If you’re thinking you do not have the money to achieve your dream, this story should encourage you to think outside the box. Perhaps you’ve never shared your dream, because you were afraid others might laugh at you.  I think Kyle MacDonald is a great illustration of living with no regrets AND achieving his dream, and I’m sure he was laughed at by at least a few people.  I encourage you to keep dreaming, keep thinking outside of the box, and keep track of the steps that you take.   

Until next time, may you be blessed abundantly with the ability to dream!


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