Walking Through Open Doors

I love doors.  I am drawn to photography or paintings of a variety of doors. Old doors, new doors, majestic doors, rustic doors, painted doors. In May of 2007 when our oldest daughter graduated from High School we had photos of large red doors that we had downloaded, printed and mounted on black foam board.  One was open just slightly, one open halfway and one fully opened. They were striking and appropriate. At "commencement" we are mindful of fresh beginnings, new adventures and the variety of paths our lives can take.

But in the middle of a normal day, at the beginning of an uneventful month, are we mindful of the doors that beckon us to walk through? Last week I had a conversation with our younger daughter as she pondered the direction her life would take. She is just a Junior in High School but knows that many decisions loom on the horizon. Her many interests make it difficult for her to decide which way to turn. She didn’t know how she was to discern God’s will in it all.  "He doesn’t say anything," she said. I encouraged her that often it’s a still, small voice and that, to start, she should pay attention to the doors that were open.

Recently, while Angel Company Corporate staff were on the way to Grand Rapids, Michigan for a convention, our CEO received a phone call inviting her to tape two segments for a PBS station. After discussing the details, she realized this was an awesome opportunity and told us that she was going to RUN through that open door!

In A Gathering of Days Joan Blos wrote, "You never know when something begins, where it’s going to take you." Often, it isn’t until we look back on our lives that we can more clearly see how all the pieces of our life’s tapestry fit together. Usually, the adventures that we have are because of doors of opportunity that were opened to us.  Often, it is the times that we have declined to walk through particular doors that fuel our regrets. 

That is not to say that it is easy.  We often do not know what is on the other side. I remember being asked by a friend who owns a tour company, to escort a tour to British Columbia.  One of the only conditions was that no one on that tour bus would know that it was my first time ever to British Columbia or escorting a tour! I could easily have said "no."  There were enough unknowns to strike fear in any heart. However, I chose to look at it as a once in a lifetime opportunity that topped my abundance list. It was the most incredible trip of my life!  Little did I know that I would get to do it again the following year and that I would later be given the opportunity to escort a tour to Nova Scotia in two consecutive years.  It was a "season" of my life that I will always be grateful for.

So, what’s looming on the horizon for you?  Have you been given an opportunity that you are afraid to take advantage of?  Do you feel not worthy or not able?  Is it unchartered territory? Are there some unanswered questions? I encourage you… if the door is open, walk through. You will learn new life lessons, gain new perspective and have fewer regrets. When all is said and done, you never know what other opportunities will present themselves because you dared to say "yes" to life in that particular instant.

Walking Through With You…


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