Inspired by Giving

Being short of time and a "moment of inspiration" like last week, I decided just to share my heart.  I always worry that when I share too much of my personal situations, that it won't be inspiring to anyone else. However, I also have some great quotes about giving that have inspired me this week, that I will also post.  Hopefully, something will speak to your heart for your own situation.

Last Friday night, our younger daughter was injured in her High School basketball game. An MRI revealed a torn ACL and miniscus. Surgery will be Tuesday, the 16th. Thoughts of the moment of the injury and the surgery still make me sick to my stomach (I'm not good with these types of things) so I try really hard to keep my thoughts from wandering there. Tears for the pain she will endure and all that she will lose this year, still flood my heart sometimes. However, in the midst of it all, I am watching a girl who is trying her best to be positive, to be an encourager of others and to be a giver. That inspires me.

It will, no doubt change our Christmas and many things that seemed like a priority, no longer do. The spirit of giving, however, continues to be alive and well in our household. We are giving thanks for the many friends that have surrounded Jenna and been there to cheer her up. We will be giving of our time and ourselves as we endeavor to meet the special needs that circumstances like this present. We will celebrate the ultimate gift that makes our Christmas truly meaningful. Jenna has already asked if we could give candy and balloons to her team on the night of the hometown rivalry game on the 19th. That she continues to look for ways to give, despite her needs, is amazing to me, and for that too, I give thanks.

Having just written about Plan "B"s last week (though that bride may have really chosen Plan A with her decision), I am mindful that it is how we respond to unexpected circumstances that determines what we learn from them. For now, I will try and learn from my daughter and respond with the same grace that she has. I will be inspired by her desire to think of others above herself… a true hallmark of the Christmas spirit.

Giving With You,


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