Housecleaning 101

OK – so I'm not a very random person. Usually, I edit way too much before I speak or write. I must admit, however, that today's post is a bit random. Just one of those silly points that wanders around your mind, not truly significant but there, nonetheless. So… let's talk about housecleaning.

Housecleaning? What could possibly be inspiring about that? Well, nothing comes to mind at this moment. The subject has come up a few different times this week in different scenarios, so it is still on my mind. First thing you need to know, my house is a mess! It is one of the down sides of working full time. Our living room is virtually always clean and presentable. So, if you were to stop by and come to the door, you may think I have a clean house. The adjacent formal dining room is pretty and sometimes picked up, but the table is always being used for something and generally speaking, has piles. If you happened to drop by, that's probably as far as you'd get. The rest of the house is a mess and off limits to many! If you make it into the kitchen or beyond, it is only with constant apologizing for what a mess my house is. Or else, you are a really good friend!

Then I have a friend who's house is perfect. Beautifully decorated, it is always in tact, not a thing out of place or a pile to be found. Granted her children are grown and gone and she and her husband travel a lot and are not home full time. It does not matter what day or what hour anyone would stop by. You will always find it clean.

I have another friend who's house is a mess. From the front room on, stuff is everywhere and piles rule. But she invites everyone in with a smile on her face and few apologies. She reveals rooms that I don't, and makes people feel right at home. No pretense. What you see is what you get.

So, am I going to delve into the psychology of why our homes look like they do? Nope!  It's just interesting. (The really interesting part would probably be the differences in the degree of apologizing, rather than the degree of cleanliness).  I have heard it said that the "clutter" in our homes can be likened to the "clutter" in our minds. Maybe so. But as much as I would love a perfectly orderly and clean home, it is not my first priority. As I was cleaning the other day in preparation for company, my daughter asked me why I was cleaning. I told her who was coming over and why. I was lamenting the state of our entire home at that point in time, even though I knew our company would only see the living room and dining room. My daughter assured me that there were more important things in life than cleaning. I told her I knew that and that is why the rest of the house looks like it does! She laughed.

However much we could analyze why our homes look like they do, the one thing I do know is this. For all the funerals and memorial services I have attended, I have never yet heard about one woman's housecleaning skills. I have never heard anyone eulogized as the perfect housekeeper.  In the end, gazing at the big picture, it truly does not matter. What we talk about and remember is how we cultivate relationships and nurture others…what we contributed to our families and our community, the memories that were made inside the walls of our homes… what kind of "home-maker" we truly are.

For years, I have had a small quote in a frame in our living room that says, "If you want to see my house, make an appointment. If you came to see me, come on in!"  To me, that says it all!

Enjoy your weekend and take good care of each other!


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