Ponder the Possibilities

I was at a track meet this week, walking behind a young man who's shirt read, "IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING." If you're like me you have heard it said that "Nothing is Impossible" but I loved what happened when those words were switched. So, it got me to thinking about the impossible. I know there are 'mountains' in my life that I see as impossible. I pray about them, but I don't know that I always truly believe they will move or that I will find a way over or around them. Since I'm no expert in mountain moving, I'm going to share a story from a girl who truly is a free spirit and continually defies the 'impossible.' She  wrote a short piece called, "Plant Impossible Gardens." It is from the book Inspiration Sandwich by Sark.

"I love it when people say, "You can't do that." It's like hearing "I Dare You." When I went to Europe alone at age 19, these same people said, "Switzerland is very expensive, you can't expect to live there." So, of course, I went to Switzerland immediately, and met a man in Zermatt, looking for a housesitter for his chalet that had just been built into the side of a mountain, accessible only by chairlift.

Years ago, in the Bahamas, I had no money, and was tired of sleeping in the lounge chairs by the pool. I went to one of the big hotels and asked to see the manager. I told him that I would like to babysit or teach swimming in exchange for a room. He just looked at me, and then reached into a drawer, took out a set of keys and pushed them across the desk. "Take these. I was young and broke once too." The keys opened the door to a penthouse on the top floor. I lived there for a month.

I like to take the impossibles and make them possible. I believe that we need to go to where we want to be, and the resources will follow us. Impossible means I'm possible! Plant all your impossible gardens, and see what blooms! Amazing things grow beneath the surface." 

I have never seen 'I'm possible' within the word impossible! How exciting is that? That inspires me and helps me to see with new eyes.

Speaking of seeing with new eyes, I was originally going to write my blog this week about Susan Boyle. It's funny that I use that name as if all of you would instantly recognize it. She may not be a household name quite yet. However, in the last two days there have been over five million hits on the video showing her singing on Britain's Got Talent. Mischelle mentioned her and has the link to the video on her blog. She is 47, has never been married (and also said that she had never been kissed). From outward appearances, she is not this world's idea of success or talent. Until she opens her mouth to sing. Then, mouths drop open, eyes cry and an audience stands. What I would love to know is did she think becoming famous was impossible or was she quietly confident of her gift and thought to herself, "I'm possible!"  Just a thought.

This week dare yourself to go where you want to be! 


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