I’m Not Lost – I Just Missed It!

One of my daughters missed an important road home today from South Dakota. As a result, she got home about two hours later than she had planned, but safe and sound nonetheless. As I was guiding her through the situation via cell phone, she insisted she was not lost, she just never saw the turnoff for the interstate that she needed to bring her home. I thought of a note I had written her about four years ago. I thought I'd share it with you as well.

Dear Hannah…

I got lost today. It was a weird thing. First of all, I don't often get lost. I usually call ahead or mapquest for directions, and have a good sense of direction if I do somehow stray off the beaten path.

I was on my way to yet another scrapbook store. If there is one within an hour's drive and I have the time, there are few things I enjoy more than purusing the shelves lined with beautiful papers, inspiring books and words galore. I imagine my pages and get great new ideas. I feel refreshed by giving place for creativity in my life.

Anyway, I had the wrong off-ramp written down. Unfortunately, I went at least 15 miles out of my way before I knew that I had missed it. I had driven completely out of suburbia and was now in the middle of an ugly, industrial area. Knowing I had to turn around, I exited, only to find myself in a maze of one way streets, dead ends and railroad tracks. All I knew was that I needed to get back to 29 north. I never did find 29 north, but I did see 35 north and knew that not only would I be headed in the right direction, but that they would eventually connect.  I ended up at the scrapbook store 45 minutes later than I had planned. Oddly enough, I was never worried or scared. As I thought about this little adventure, I thought about you and your journey in life. Here are some pointers from the lesson I learned:

*** Start moving toward something you love. I know it's hard to make a decision about which way to go, but traveling towards an exciting destination really helps!

*** It doesn't really matter if you take the wrong off-ramp because you have some extra time.

*** You have a good sense of direction. You will know in your heart that you are going the wrong way, if, in fact you are.

*** You are traveling in the light of God's love and purpose for your life. I was traveling in the daylight (as she was today from South Dakota) and had no fear of the areas I was in even though they were foreign to me. As believers we have the constant assurance that God will never leave us or forsake us.

The choices of which destination you should pursue may be overwhelming to you right now. I encourage you to walk in the light. Keep your goal in sight. Pursue something you love. Be safe and enjoy the journey.  Love, mom~

Today when I came home, she was coming down the stairs with her arms open wide to hug me. (Amazing how getting a little lost can make us appreciate home so much more). Though years have passed since I wrote that to my now 20 year-old daughter, I must admit that my advice to her would be much the same today.   I hope it can in some tiny way be an inspiration to you as well.

Enjoying the Journey with You,


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