Say Hello to ALFI!

So you may be wondering, "Who's Alfi?" Well, it's just me – "Actively Looking For Inspiration!"

To be honest, it's not flowing out of me these days. So, I'm trying to keep my ears and eyes open. After all, I don't want to miss it if it's right in front of me. So, I pay attention… to song lyrics and sermons, to news stories, to a 'Person of the Week,' and to a child's chatter. I read quotes, blogs, billboards and potentially inspiring emails. There's one blog I read that inspires me virtually every day. Sorry to say, I'm not revealing that source for now. It is like manna to me these days that I hold a bit sacred and close to my heart and I'm just not willing to share yet.

I'm leading a couple gals through the Faithbooking process… encouraging them to look for God's faithfulness in their lives. We all agree… were it not for His faithfulness and the grace He gives us to walk through the circumstances that come our way in life, we would not fare well!  We all kept abundance lists this past week and gained hope as we shared them with one another. They are both inspiring to me as I get to know even more the road they walk and the attitudes they keep.

I talked to a teacher at my daughter's school last week. Every once in a great while you have those moments of transparency with another person. They are usually not planned. I certainly could never have predicted this one. In a busy, noisy gym, our hearts met and we both cried. Her words inspired and encouraged me.

I watched a show with my daughter the other night. We were intrigued by the premise. The name is "The Buried Life." A group of college age guys travel around the country trying to cross things off their 'bucket list.' For every one that they accomplish, they find one other person, whose dream they can help fulfill. It's a 'pay it forward' kind of thing. (I'm a sucker for stuff like that!) They find that person by asking, "What is one thing you want to do before you die?  Fulfilling dreams while helping others – yep – that's inspiring!

Finally, the stories behind the athletes at the Olympics inspire me. Though I am not at the top of my game in any area of my life, I can still relate to different aspects of their journey. Last night, my heart went out to skater,  Jeremy Abbott. He had previously won the National Championship. However, the devastation of his performance in the short program carried over to the longer program, in which he had hoped to have a chance for redemption. Despite his previous successes, disappointment and discouragement loomed large last night and he was not able to accomplish what he wanted. Then, there is Evan Lysacek. He was the first American man to win gold in figure skating in 22 years. In the crunch, he did what he knew how to do best. When it came right down to it, he relied on all the training he had done leading up to the Olympics and perfected his program, not just his jumps.  It served him well. Then, there was half pipe gold medalist Shaun White. He makes me smile. All I saw was him on the podium, receiving his medal and hearing our National Anthem. He was clearly enjoying every moment, trying to soak it all in.  Between the three men, I saw three great life lessons…

Letting disappointment and discouragement loom large will disable me. Comparing my abilities to others, is pointless. I am to work hard at doing my best at what I can do and not worry about the gifts and tricks that someone else can do. Finally, I have permission to savor moments. I don't have to follow protocol. I can smile and wave to my family if I want to!

Here's to ALFI!  Have a great week!




About debbierivers

I love to share what I can whenever I can. My goal is to live simply and love lavishly. I enjoy inspiring others with my writing. I am married to Steve and am the mother to two beautiful daughters, Hannah and Jenna, and grandmother to Kinsley. My desire is to encourage and to bless others through my life and my words.
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