A Hearing Heart

I have had fun writing the date all day today… 1-11-11.  All those ones are a great reminder that we have entered a new year ripe for new beginnings!  It is hard to believe we are two weeks in and this is my first blog of the year. However, I have been in California with my older sister as she recuperates from major surgery. I returned to Kansas yesterday and am back in the swing of what hopefully will not be the same old routine.

You see, it IS a new year.  I am ready to do some things differently.  Yeah, me and everybody else, right? I have been struck by all the tips and tricks offered to us through the media.  Want to lose weight? They have plenty of eating and exercising tips!  Want to get organized? More tips… and tubs abound! Wanting to tighten the financial belt to successfully navigate a sometimes rocky road? More advice from financial experts.

We know that if we want to lose weight we need to eat more vegies and fewer sweets; drink more water than anything else and exercise regularly.  I don't think that qualifies as news to anyone. Yet, especially in January, everyone seems to listen with new eagerness to soak it all in.  All of a sudden we have ears to hear and are listening intently to what we should do.

For me, it is especially true spiritually.  2010 was a difficult year for me.  I am ready to move on… to gain fresh perspective, to think new thoughts, to formulate some new goals and pursue a dream or two. So I have asked my heart to listen in on all that I am hearing and seeing.

Here's an example… I bought a book to read on the plane ride to California. The man who wrote it pastored a church in Simi Valley.  My sister lives in Simi Valley! We went to the church's website and found it was just a couple miles from my sister's house so Sunday morning I went. Great church. Excellent message. The man who wrote the book {Frances Chen Crazy Love} is no longer the pastor but is what they call a "non-staff elder."  He is spending more time traveling and speaking.  The current pastor though is articulate and relevant with a wonderful knowledge of the Word. I knew I was there for a reason so I wanted to be sure not to miss it!  Ears to hear. 

Here's another one…I am teaching a class at church beginning next week.  I am basing it on Max Lucado's book A Love Worth Giving.  It will be ten weeks and at the end everyone will leave with a book they have created testifying of God's love for them and their love for God.  As I prepare both the designs and the devotions, I want to be sensitive to hear what we are supposed to do, how we are supposed to be, and what He wants to accomplish.  Ears to hear.

I'm no expert at listening, but I want to get better.  If I don't believe in coincidence, then what are my circumstances to teach me? What am I supposed to learn from the people that cross my path each day? What can I share that could be an encouragement to someone else?  Part of the way that I process things and one of the primary gifts I feel God has given me is to write.  So, this year, I plan to blog more. No certain days. Some weeks it may be every day.  I want to practice listening and writing more.  That means I can't edit so much. So I intend to write shorter entries more often.  I hope you'll check back and join this journey with me.  And I hope that whatever passion in your life is pulling you, that you'll listen to it as well.

Cultivating a Hearing Heart With You,


About debbierivers

I love to share what I can whenever I can. My goal is to live simply and love lavishly. I enjoy inspiring others with my writing. I am married to Steve and am the mother to two beautiful daughters, Hannah and Jenna, and grandmother to Kinsley. My desire is to encourage and to bless others through my life and my words.
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4 Responses to A Hearing Heart

  1. You have a wonderful talent of putting words together that that not only inspire but give things to ponder too. Thank you for sharing, and I so look forward to reading more!

  2. June Biemiller says:

    I too am looking forward to more posts! You always challenge me to grow as a person!

  3. Christine says:

    Happy New Year my friend! Love ya tons!!

  4. Connie Duckert says:

    You are such an inspiration! Can’t wait to read more of your posts. I’m curious about your class for church. I want to offer a class at my church on “Faith Booking”. I think that’s similar to yours; can you give me any ideas or tips? Haven’t read this Lucado book (others, yes) so need to get it. THANKS, Connie

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