Listening to Life

Have you ever noticed that once something is "on your radar" then all of a sudden you notice it much more frequently?  Years ago we a had a green mini van.  Once we got it, we started noticing other green mini vans everywhere.  It seems to happen with every vehicle change we've made, regardless of model or color. That is the premise for a little book I made for the class participants of A Love Worth Giving.  {Last night was our first night since activities the week before were cancelled citywide due to snow and ice.}  The quote on the front is from a song by Michael Card:

"Our lives are meant to be listened to, because it is God who is speaking into and out of and through, the symphony of the years and the masterpiece of a lifetime."

So, I made them each a simple book filled with index cards that they could use to keep track of those little things that we can so easily miss throughout our days. The idea is, the more aware we are, the more we take note, the more we will see God's hand on our lives. Whether it is an everyday occurance, a scripture, something that spoke to their heart, words to a song, a word of encouragement that someone gave them or that they were able to give, or a  "God-thing" that could have otherwise been mistaken for a coincidence, when we watch, we realize how it all fits together.  The light goes on. Our minds are quieted, our hearts are stilled and our faith is strengthened.

I also set aside a few minutes of class time to journal.  There are no rules. They can write whatever comes to their minds. I play a song a few times through {Aware by Salvador, was the song last night} and give them a chance to write if they want or sit and listen if they would rather. I read them an excerpt from Ann Voskamp that challenges us all to journal in our own writing. I think most last night took the challenge and wrote something down!

 Love Worth Giving Class 002 

{This is the journal, that I made for myself, before I had the thought to make them for everyone in the class.  I made all of theirs with the pink stripe from Mimi on the front and the brown from Mimi on the back. They were the two sheets that I had enough of to make everyone's the same.}

We are creating a 10 page (20 sides!) 6×9 book. Everybody finished their title page last night and seemed genuinely excited to embark on this journey together. With all the stuff that we accumulate and aquire, how wonderful to have a trace of our faith, crafted and penned with our own hands. As we do, we call to mind His faithfulness and encourage one another. The bonus, we pray, is… that those who come behind us find us faithful!

Listening to Life With You,


About debbierivers

I love to share what I can whenever I can. My goal is to live simply and love lavishly. I enjoy inspiring others with my writing. I am married to Steve and am the mother to two beautiful daughters, Hannah and Jenna, and grandmother to Kinsley. My desire is to encourage and to bless others through my life and my words.
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1 Response to Listening to Life

  1. Neil Walker says:

    I have just found your blog, by accident in one sense, but I don’t believe in random chance. I have been blessed reading your posts and they have given me encouragement. Thank you and may God bless you more and more.

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