Looking Ahead

There is probably a reason our front windshield is large and our rear view mirror is so small.  No doubt, we are supposed to spend most of our time looking ahead, and much less time dwelling on what's behind us. It is dangerous to live in the past and get bogged down in the things we cannot change. It is exciting to have something to look forward to!

Our oldest daughter is graduating with honors from college on May 14.  She is looking forward to being done with school  and to new opportunities.

My sister has been looking forward to a quick 4-day getaway to the lake for some rest and relaxation. 

My nephew and his wife leave on May 10 for a two week fun-filled adventure in Italy! Though it was a pretty spontaneous plan, they are looking forward to the possibilities.

I am looking forward to my first-ever Writer's Conference in North Carolina in July. Though I have much to prepare between now and then, it has given me new focus, renewed enthusiasm and a real excitement for this new opportunity.

Looking ahead gives us fresh energy and new hope. It may be just a few days away, a new job or a new goal but it is helpful to look out that big, wide window in life and ponder the possibilities. The more you look, the more endless they become!

This week I hope you too can take a few moments to forget what lies behind and press on to what's waiting for you up ahead. Make some plans for something that you can look forward to.  Oh, and be sure to enjoy the abundance along the way!

Looking Ahead With You,


About debbierivers

I love to share what I can whenever I can. My goal is to live simply and love lavishly. I enjoy inspiring others with my writing. I am married to Steve and am the mother to two beautiful daughters, Hannah and Jenna, and grandmother to Kinsley. My desire is to encourage and to bless others through my life and my words.
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