Hot Chocolate and a Happy Meal

We pulled up beside a dad and his young daughter waiting at a bus stop on a chilly Saturday morning.  We offered them a cup of hot chocolate. The dad looked at us hesitatingly. The young girl happily accepted. We asked her if she wanted whipped cream on it {yes, one of our team even thought to bring a spray can of whipped cream!}. She said yes and then asked,

“Can my daddy have some too?”

We filled their cups, gave them lids to keep it warm and asked how much longer they would have to wait for the bus. He assured us that it wouldn’t be long, thanked us for the hot chocolate and we drove away.

We continued driving around town with eyes wide open looking for possible people we could bless. About a half hour later, we decided to swing back through a grocery store parking lot where a homeless woman rests on a bench with all of her earthly belongings.  She is not allowed in the store with them, and will not leave them unattended. She loves the fried chicken they make in their deli. My friend told us about her and about how when she sees her, she always goes into the store and buys her fried chicken. We passed by the benches in front of the store and there was no one. As we began to leave the parking lot we spotted the same father and daughter that we had given hot chocolate to, at a different bus stop at the edge of the lot! I think that each of us knew that they were our ‘assignment’ for the day!

They were still sipping their warm drinks. They saw us too… recognized the van. We pulled over and stopped near them. They walked over and my friend rolled down her window. She asked if we could buy them lunch; perhaps a “Happy Meal” for her, and whatever he would like from the McDonald’s that was just next to the grocery store. He declined. He motioned to the bag that he was holding close to his chest. Explained that when we had first seen them, they had just come from the Catholic church, where they had been given food. Without missing a beat, my friend kindly and respectfully suggested that we could buy them lunch and they could save that food for dinner. The girl asked if she could still have a “Happy Meal.” We said sure. Once again, we asked the dad if we could get him something. He quietly asked for 2 hamburgers from the dollar menu.

We drove through, ordering what they had asked for + some fries + a gift card to get them another meal or two. The girl was thrilled to see that her meal came in a brightly colored plastic bucket. The man smiled shyly as we handed him the food and gift card.  We were sure that they were exactly who we were supposed to encourage that day! What were the chances that we would see them twice in two different parts of town? We wondered how many buses they had to take to go get that food from the Catholic church.

We left grateful to be able to give and thankful for the happy ending to our adventure for the day. Honestly, I do not know who was blessed more… them or us!

Loving Happy Endings With You,

About debbierivers

I love to share what I can whenever I can. My goal is to live simply and love lavishly. I enjoy inspiring others with my writing. I am married to Steve and am the mother to two beautiful daughters, Hannah and Jenna, and grandmother to Kinsley. My desire is to encourage and to bless others through my life and my words.
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2 Responses to Hot Chocolate and a Happy Meal

  1. Love hearing of your RAK adventures!

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