Closed for Remodeling

This business is “Closed for Remodeling.”

photo 1








This is what now stands on that corner lot…


There have been some jokes and comments about this sign advertising that they are closed for remodeling. When we first saw it, we thought maybe they would put in new seating or update the décor. Not long after, we saw a vacant lot. The truth is, it is being rebuilt from the ground up. Nobody is quite sure why. The original structure did not seem old or useless, but that is just me looking from the outside in. Those in charge must have had good reason to spend the time and money to “remodel,” all the while losing revenue from the closed location. I’m sure the new facility will be better than ever.


I immediately thought of a few friends who are going through  very difficult times.  The pile of concrete and rubble would be an appropriate image for how they are feeling their lives look right now. They had little to no notice before the walls came crashing in and life as they know it changed completely. It is easy to shut down when you are just looking at small parts of what used to be your whole life.  Right now, nothing makes sense. There are just pieces left of what used to be familiar, recognizable, comfortable and enjoyable. The problem is, the remnants are now none of those things. The pile is a brutal reminder of what used to be and the demolition just feels overwhelming.

photo 4



All that is left is heavy work equipment and piles of concrete. I’m sure it will all be hauled away in the next couple days. No doubt it will be done quickly so that progress can continue.




photo 3

Most of us have hit seasons like this in our lives. It is hard to go on; hard to find our place in what others gently refer to as  a “new normal.” It is hard to see new promise and possibilities amidst the rubble. We may have even agreed to the remodel; we just never knew it would mean starting over from the ground up. We didn’t anticipate being torn down in order to be made new.

We were up for some self-improvement – a new coat of paint, perhaps, or a decorative door or more efficient windows. Maybe some prettier landscaping for better curb appeal. We didn’t plan on demolition.  We want the new, but please, God, no more pain!

The truth is, life can be hard.  More often than not, it is the people we have traveling alongside us that make it possible for us to even see our way past the vacant lots to new possibilities.  Let’s be people who weep with one another, rejoice with one another and see each other through to better days!

Believing For Better Days With You,



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  1. Eileen says:

    Always so awesome! Be sure to put it on our Facebook! Sooo good! Thanks for writing!

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