November Advent

November arrived quietly on the heels of the costumes and candy and commotion of Halloween.

To me, November is Thanksgiving. It is the season I savor the most. It is a time when I do not feel alone as I pen my gratitude lists. Posts abound on social media proclaiming what people are thankful for. Many accept the “Gratitude Challenge” to find things daily that they are thankful for. What a delightful thing that we would busy ourselves with the biblical mandate to give thanks in all things!

I  anticipate November like I anticipate Advent. The dictionary defines advent as: “a coming into place, view, or being; arrival; the coming of Christ into the world.” These 25 days we have before Thanksgiving can be used to cultivate deeply grateful hearts, just as the Advent season in December prepares our hearts to participate in the good tidings of great joy as we celebrate the birth of Christ.

Welcome to November Advent. With every acknowledgement of the good things in our life, for every time we take note of a special moment, for every nod heavenward, knowing that God is the Giver of every good and perfect gift and with every written note of gratitude, we help usher in Christ’s rightful place in our worlds.

In the midst of worldwide chaos,  personal deaths and tragedies,  health challenges, wayward children, difficult relationships, frustrating finances,  life plans unrealized, or dying dreams, we still give thanks. It brings clarity, brings the right things into view and heralds the arrival of God’s peace, love and hope in our days, despite the circumstances.

They say “Attitude is Everything.”  I would also contend that, “Gratitude is Everything.” It will color our world in the best possible light and help us see God’s hand in our lives. I suspect it is no mistake that Thanksgiving precedes the Christmas Season. As we spend the month turning  our eyes to the present, we will celebrate all the more the gift of God’s presence in our world, our lives and our hearts.

May this month bring new clarity of God’s faithfulness in our lives, as we give thanks.

Giving Thanks With You,


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There has been something bothering me for quite a while now. I have mulled it over in my mind and heart but have never felt like I had enough clarity to write about it. Even now, as I contemplate posting this, I can tell you this particular blog will not be neatly tied up with a bow, or the last of its kind. I’m also aware that the way I’m feeling and thinking just may offend someone and honestly, I just hate to stir things up.

I am thinking this may be a problem unique to American Christians in particular and Americans in general but I am not well traveled, particularly in second and third world countries. So here it is…

Why is it that when we get our own way, we say we are blessed? This has really bothered me. Are we not blessed when things don’t go our way?

Why is it when good things are happening in our day, or in our life in general, we say that God is good? Is He not good when we hit the glitches, suffer the pain, and our desires are not being fulfilled?

Could it really be that we’re here in this place, at this time, simply to make our own lives better? Is the goal to make ourselves more comfortable and our homes prettier? Is that the definition and purpose of being blessed?

First of all, let me say, I am guilty. There have been times when I “feel” blessed when I get my way and feel forgotten when I don’t. And so, maybe this whole dilemma is for me alone to get right in my heart.

My understanding is multifaceted but I can narrow it down to some basic principles: We are loved with an everlasting  love (i.e. constant, always). What that means to me is that even if I can’t see His hand, I can trust His heart. We are to give thanks IN ALL things (not for all things). The posture of gratitude for even the smallest of things, will help keep our hearts right.  We have been blessed SO THAT we can be a blessing. Whatever it is that I “feel” I’ve been blessed with (love, faith, hope, joy, material possessions, etc.) is meant to be shared with others.

I have met some brave and  incredible people in my lifetime. People who live with relatively little in material possessions (by American standards).  I have met many forced to begin life all over because of crisis and turmoil they have faced through death, divorce, rejection or abuse. Amazingly, for the most part, they are both joyful and grateful people. They will enthusiastically tell you they are blessed. I also know of many individuals battling disease daily in their bodies, who live in constant pain and yet proclaim God’s goodness and faithfulness in their lives. They are a constant inspiration to me.

I am indeed blessed – no question!  But I don’t want to be the spoiled child that stomps her foot when things don’t go her way. I want to understand God’s love and provision and blessing in the midst of any circumstances, so that I can communicate it in my actions to others in the midst of their circumstances.

I know I’m not done with this conversation. I hope you’ll meet me back here again as I endeavor to communicate my heart.

Abundance is… blessing others with that which we have been blessed with!



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Cupboards Closed to Kinsley

The other day our 10 month old granddaughter made her way into our kitchen to investigate.  She is walking now, so the “vertical view” is exciting to her and her curiosity has been piqued. Watching her explore was a simple but powerful illustration for this simple heart of mine.

As independent and strong as she thinks she is, well… she is 10 months old! As a result, one of us is usually standing beside her or following behind her as she sets out on her adventures. In this particular instance, it was my husband who was right beside her as she tried to open every cupboard on her level in our kitchen.



With sheer determination and all the strength she could muster, she stood there trying with all her might to open those cupboard doors.  What she didn’t know, was that her grandpa was holding the top of the door closed (with very little effort, I might add) so she couldn’t get into the things inside.

She knew that he was beside her, but she never thought to look up. She was simply determined to get inside that cupboard!



It may not seem like a big enough analogy to call a revelation, but here’s what I saw in that moment.  I have often talked about “open” and “closed” doors. I have tried to respect closed doors and walk through open doors whenever possible.

Suddenly, I realized that closed doors may not be permanently closed! They just may be closed for our own good now. As we grow and mature, more adventures are released to us.



In this particular instance with our granddaughter, we know exactly what is tucked away in the shelves behind the doors she was trying to open. It is our game closet. It is full of our family’s games that have brought us hours of fun throughout the years. There is nothing “bad” in that cupboard; our granddaughter is just far from ready for them yet.

Her natural inclination would be to pull everything out. She would squeal with delight at her conquest. Boxes would tumble, assorted pieces would fall out and the metal tin of Apples to Apples could really hurt her. Paper game cards or tally sheets would go straight in her mouth and little plastic pieces would become a choking hazard.
















So we hold the cupboards shut. For now, they are all a hazard to her. Little by little things will be revealed to her as she grows “in wisdom and stature”  In the meantime, it’s time for some childproof latches!

Abundance is… trusting that our Father knows what’s best for us.



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The Strength of a Redwood

I recently had the privilege of accompanying a group of  32 senior citizens traveling along the Pacific Coast from San Francisco to Victoria, British Columbia. This particular tour is full of absolutely beautiful vistas. Among one of the more impressive creations are the Redwood trees.

I learned a few things about the Redwoods on this trip and could not help but see the similarities they have with the “say-yes-to-life” seniors that I had the honor to spend 10 days with.

  • A Redwood forest is crowded with life. That is true of these people. They stay strong by saying “yes” to life. Their lives are filled with families and friends, volunteer opportunities, hobbies, church life and travels.
  • The Redwoods’ root system is entwined with others. Researchers don’t even understand how they can grow so tall when they have no tap root that digs deep to secure it. Likewise, these friends grew up in a time when neighbors depended on neighbors and family worked together to make ends meet, make their fun and make their memories. They are healthy because of their relationships.
  • The Redwoods help hold one another up. Their best defense against storms is the shelter they find among other Redwoods. Time after time on this tour, I saw them forming friendships, helping one another, encouraging one another and even commiserating with one another. Their strength is due in part to their associations.
  • Redwoods are amazingly resilient. They stand the test of time. What they can live through and have lived through is nothing short of amazing. The same is true of the people that travel on our tours.
  • Each tree wears the successes and scars of the years. I am always in awe as I learn pieces of the stories represented by those I travel with on these tours. The losses, illnesses, diseases and hardships don’t stop them. They continue to learn and grow. They are modest about their  successes and humbly blend into the rest of the forest.
  • The larger Redwoods fall, letting in the light for the younger ones. Most of our travelers have grandchildren and some have great – grandchildren. As our time winds down on this earth, it is encouraging to know that as we step aside, we make room and light the way for future generations.

Each of us walk through life exposed to both sunlight and rain. The elements help form us into who we are. While we are attending to daily life, God is fashioning something tall and strong in stature and spirit. May each of us be full of life, entwined with one another, provide one another shelter, and with resilience wear the successes and scars of the years. And may we always be willing to step aside, letting the light in for others.

Abundance is… growing stronger through all that comes our way.





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Here and Now

Sitting at the airport during a layover, I noticed clusters of people in distinct places. A closer look revealed that they were all sitting in areas surrounding electrical outlets where their phones or laptops were plugged in. They were oblivious to one another, but all had gathered in the same areas for the same purpose. In this electronic age, it’s easy to do. We can sit next to each other, across from each other, be in the same room, or at the same gathering and not be in the present moment aware of those that are sharing our spaces and our lives.

I recently attended the first National Laundry Love Gathering. Laundry Love is  about people, presence and provision. There is something simple and sometimes profound about meeting at the laundromat and hanging out together. That’s what we do at Laundry Love. We come face to face with each other, as we each live out our own unique story. Most of our stories include at least one chapter on hardship. The beauty of finding friends at the laundromat is we find that we have more in common than dirty laundry.

I realize this is part of what has helped me fall in love with Laundry Love in general and the people in particular.  The fourth Saturday of every month is set aside. Set aside to meet new people, to help with the costs of laundry and occasionally to be let into their lives in ways we could never have anticipated. We are aware of each person who walks in, talk with those who want to talk, respect the privacy of those who don’t, play with the kids, help carry laundry in, offer snacks and help in whatever other ways we can.

There is something striking about presence; about living in the moment and being fully aware of  those around us. It is why most of our gratitude lists contain some of the simplest things. When we are fully present, we are mindful… and thankful … for the laughter, the sunset, time with our friend, or any of the other things that bring joy to our lives.

I also understand this about God: He is “I Am.” He is ever present, always personal. He cares deeply for people and pays special attention to children, orphans, widows and the poor. When I am present with others, I can better represent the One who loves each of us best.

Today I challenge myself to be more aware and less consumed with messages, notifications, lists and emails. Laundry Love has helped teach me the value of time together with no agenda. It has taught me that being present is most important and that generosity of spirit is a key to empathy and connecting with others. I want to do a better job of living in the here and now.

Abundance is discovering true gifts by being present.




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Leadercast 2015

I was asked to speak at the lunch portion of Leadercast 2015 in Salina, KS today. The theme was “The Brave Ones.”

Exactly two months ago, on March 8, video footage from a surveillance camera in a tiny town near Spokane, Washington, was shown on national news of a man running down the street with a toddler in his arms. Shortly after, you see a little girl running down the street after him. The owner of a nearby antique store  said she was screaming, “That man got my baby brother!” Not far behind the little girl, you see a young boy running down the street pushing an empty stroller.

Thankfully, that store owner sent her teenage grandson and his friend to chase the man. He abandoned the 22 month old boy and fled. Though they were unable to find him, the toddler was unharmed.

When the 10 year old brother and eight year old sister were interviewed by the local news, they said nothing about fear or courage. They simply said they were trying to get their brother back.

Courage comes in all forms and is fueled in different ways. My actions in our community and whatever courage that displays are fueled first by my love for God, and secondly by empathy for my “neighbors.”

One of the guiding inspirations of Salina Shares is  Proverbs 13:12 from The Message:

“Unrelenting disappointment leaves you heartsick  but a sudden good break can turn life around.”

Stick with me as I use that same news story as an analogy for what has now become Salina Shares.

It all began with a fun” day. Those children near Spokane had headed to the park for some innocent fun. Two and a half years ago, I gathered some friends for a fun “random acts of kindness” party. It was such a hit that we continued the practice for the next year. Everybody was hooked!

So I talked to them about a place in Salina that I call “the tucked away community.” Many in town  don’t know it exists. From all appearances is the epitome of poverty.

This is what we assumed as we sat around my dining room table… that most residents were hispanic, that we would need an interpreter, that many were here illegally, that it was dangerous and that we knew what they needed. Sometimes that is what happens when we sit in our living rooms, conference rooms or churches meeting about what we could do. Though filled with good intentions, we assume we know the needs and that with a committee and proper financing (at the very least) we can get a “project” started.

We had neither. What we did have was a willingness to do something. One day I drove up to the area and stopped my car a half a block short of those trailers. I said, “God, I’m so tired of talking about it! Show me what we can do.” The answer seemed way too simple: Play at the Park. I had pulled my car over and parked alongside a little neighborhood park. What if we just invited them to play in their own park and simply provided some friendship and fun? What if we spent our time being community together instead of fostering the “us” and “them” mentality and doing our good deed for the day?

The next time my friends and I got together, I told them what I wanted to do. Instead of heading out for acts of kindness, one carload of friends drove up and began posting brightly colored signs all around the neighborhood inviting them to play in the park from noon-1:00. When we arrived back shortly before noon there were about 20 people there, with more arriving over the next half hour.

Play at the Park

Here’s what happens when we leave our living rooms, conference rooms, and church sanctuaries. We meet people, we look into their eyes, we learn their stories, we meet their children and we understand that we are so much more alike than we are different. This is what else happens when we leave the comfort of our own homes. It gets uncomfortable. It can be downright scary. And we can even come face to face with the evils of this world just like those young children did when a stranger came and took their brother.

We have met many people living at the edge of homelessness and steeped in hopelessness in that neighborhood. The most threatened I ever felt, however,  is when I stood toe to toe with the owner of a run-down hotel as we moved two families with young children out and into public housing. We know there is drug abuse. We see the mental illness. We hear the story of the taxi cab driver that was shot on the corner of where we host our times together. Just a couple of weeks ago a few of us drove into this area, set up a long white table and served tostadas on the spur of the moment. Some of the men there told us we were brave – that nobody will even deliver pizza there after dark. We were there from 5:00-7:00 and served over 100 tostadas.

In the course of the last two years we continue to play in the park with this neighborhood. We share our food and clothing. We took solar lights to over 200 homes to bring an element of light and safety. We filled backpacks with new clothes, socks and underwear, instead of school supplies. We took Santa Claus at Christmas and passed out gifts to the men, women and children. In July, we will serve another meal and create more good memories with a Disney themed afternoon. We help them create good memories right where they live.

What we have learned in the last two years is that we don’t need interpreters; most speak English. They all wish they were living in better conditions. They want better for their children than where they are right now. It is a transient community but they watch out for one another and share what they receive with each other.

In a way, I am that little girl running after that mean man who took her brother.  I’m chasing down things such as poverty, hunger and homelessness, believing that they have valuable lives in their grip. I’m not thinking it’s so courageous. I’m just doing what I can with my one little voice. I’ve hardly given a thought to what will happen if I actually catch these mean taskmasters. Realistically, there may be little I can do. But just like that one little girl – her voice caught the attention of others nearby and because of that her brother was safe.

Salina Shares is the brother running behind his sister. They are united in purpose. He has the stroller. He too, responds by taking the one thing that he does have that his brother will need when they get him back. Salina Shares is clusters of friends, throughout our town who are willing to give what they can to  help others out. Being out in the community and identifying needs has led to two year round projects.

Salina Shares works with Salina Housing Authority to help those who move into public housing sometimes with virtually nothing.  Almost overnight, we are able to provide furniture, dishes, pots and pans, silverware, towels and food.

Salina Shares is the driving force behind Laundry Love in Salina. We are at the Missing Sock and Westside Laundromats on the 4th Saturday of each month and will pay for up to 5 loads of laundry per family. We have also been given permission to go into Speedy Wash as well but don’t have the funds yet to be able to do so. Our dream is to turn the empty Wash House on North Santa Fe into a Laundry Love laundromat. Clean clothing and bedding is something that every person deserves.

Mark Twain said that courage is resistance to fear, not the absence of fear. I have found that to be true. I have learned that my faith in God, having the support of friends alongside me, offering hope and  affirming the dignity of others all give me courage to do what I can when I can.

Serving Alongside You,



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Closed for Remodeling

This business is “Closed for Remodeling.”

photo 1








This is what now stands on that corner lot…


There have been some jokes and comments about this sign advertising that they are closed for remodeling. When we first saw it, we thought maybe they would put in new seating or update the décor. Not long after, we saw a vacant lot. The truth is, it is being rebuilt from the ground up. Nobody is quite sure why. The original structure did not seem old or useless, but that is just me looking from the outside in. Those in charge must have had good reason to spend the time and money to “remodel,” all the while losing revenue from the closed location. I’m sure the new facility will be better than ever.


I immediately thought of a few friends who are going through  very difficult times.  The pile of concrete and rubble would be an appropriate image for how they are feeling their lives look right now. They had little to no notice before the walls came crashing in and life as they know it changed completely. It is easy to shut down when you are just looking at small parts of what used to be your whole life.  Right now, nothing makes sense. There are just pieces left of what used to be familiar, recognizable, comfortable and enjoyable. The problem is, the remnants are now none of those things. The pile is a brutal reminder of what used to be and the demolition just feels overwhelming.

photo 4



All that is left is heavy work equipment and piles of concrete. I’m sure it will all be hauled away in the next couple days. No doubt it will be done quickly so that progress can continue.




photo 3

Most of us have hit seasons like this in our lives. It is hard to go on; hard to find our place in what others gently refer to as  a “new normal.” It is hard to see new promise and possibilities amidst the rubble. We may have even agreed to the remodel; we just never knew it would mean starting over from the ground up. We didn’t anticipate being torn down in order to be made new.

We were up for some self-improvement – a new coat of paint, perhaps, or a decorative door or more efficient windows. Maybe some prettier landscaping for better curb appeal. We didn’t plan on demolition.  We want the new, but please, God, no more pain!

The truth is, life can be hard.  More often than not, it is the people we have traveling alongside us that make it possible for us to even see our way past the vacant lots to new possibilities.  Let’s be people who weep with one another, rejoice with one another and see each other through to better days!

Believing For Better Days With You,



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